"We Don't "Sell" Homes & We Don't "Switch Sides."

Why Us.

As your Exclusive Buyer's Agent we work exclusively for you, the home buyer, with your best interest in mind and we do not charge a commission for our services. The source of our commission is actually from the listing agent on the selling side.

Acting solely for the buyer is our founding DNA. Unlike estate agents who work for the sellers of the listing properties, we act exclusively for you, the buyer. We represent your interests only and manage the entire acquisition process on your behalf. We do not sell real estate. Our mission, as trusted Exclusive Buying Agents and advisors, is to source and secure the best properties available on and off market that match your criteria, use our expertise to negotiate the best terms and manage the conveyancing process through to completion, saving you time and stress. Fully independent, we have access to the entire market. Whatever you are looking for, we will find it. We are by your side from day one to support you, advise and eliminate the challenges associated with securing your dream property.

Exclusive Buyer Agents have a network of reputable experts who assist them in protecting buyers. These experts include attorneys, mortgage consultants, appraisers, engineers, architects, contractors, and home inspectors.

Advice, Not Sales Talk

The job of an Exclusive Buyer's Agent is not to "sell houses," but to serve the buyer with advice and other representation services. A genuine Exclusive Buyer Agent's helps consumers make informed decisions - and points out reasons NOT to buy, helping their clients make the RIGHT home choice.

We can help you a lot, maybe you have not thought about it but is it true that money laundering controls have been tightened?

Yes, and the one that will most affect property buyers is the obligation to include the method of payment within the escritura. Previously, buyer and seller simply had to swear to the notary that the full purchase price had been paid and received. Now they have to state in the deeds how it has been paid and failure to do so will mean that the property cannot be registered in the new owner’s name.

We get into our client's skin to completely understand what their dream house is like. A deep interview is necessary in order to make the search as effective as possible, after all we are your property finder.

We are Exclusive Buying Agents, your agents....................... We only have you as a client so we only care about you exclusively.

It's the same as we were buying the property for ourselves.
All our energy, the know-how and property hunting skills go into your unique search............. so why not try us.

“What I would not buy for myself, I would not advise my client.”



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