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Gran Canaria

Very few people who visit Gran Canaria fail to fall in love with this diverse and magnificent subtropical island. Gran Canaria’s immense popularity with both foreign residents and people who visit for their holidays means that it is extremely well connected, with dozens of flights every day to just about anywhere in the Scandinavia and mainland Europe.

Calling Gran Canaria a "continent in miniature" might sound somewhat cliché. Nevertheless, it is a fitting way to describe an island where you could be admiring the snow-capped mountain of Pico de las Nieves one moment and enjoying a camel ride through the gorgeous Sahara-like sand dunes in Maspalomas the next.

Lots of sun and warm all year round

Gran Canaria really does have something for all tastes. Still, the excellent weather all year round has to be the one main thing that continues to fill the island’s hotels with countless tourists every year, and drives thousands of foreigners to buy their own piece of real estate and make the island their second home.

The South of Gran Canaria enjoys 50 weeks of sunshine each year, with average temperatures of around 25ºC – a true paradise for anyone who loves the beach, a leisurely game of golf, or simply enjoying the healthy outdoor air.

Beautiful beaches galore

On the subject of beaches, in Gran Canaria, you’re simply spoiled for choice! You could opt for the spectacular 7km of golden sand that stretch from Playa del Inglés to Meloneras, or visit any of several other equally (or more) beautiful beaches and coves that adorn the island’s coastline. Many of Gran Canaria’s beaches are easily accessible and have restaurants, water sports facilities and other amenities, while others offer varying degrees of seclusion and privacy.

A paradise of sport and outdoor life

On Gran Canaria, you will find a wide variety of outdoor activities to keep you busy. Golfers, for example, have a wide variety of courses to choose from, some actually designed by world-class professionals like Mackenzie Ross and Blake Stirling.

There are in fact plenty of opportunities to practice just about any sport imaginable, from windsurfing and diving – which the island is most famous for – to rock climbing or even skydiving over the lovely blue ocean.

If you enjoy trekking, or even simply taking pleasant walks in the countryside, you won’t be short of possibilities on Gran Canaria. Actually, there is probably no better way to discover the island’s incredible variety of landscapes and vegetation. As you leave behind the rugged cacti and palm trees that liven up the arid south of Gran Canaria, you will come across a wide variety of flora typical of Africa, Europe and even the Americas – not to mention the island’s stunning cliffs, ravines and lava formations. There are also a number of beautiful lakes where you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon’s fishing.

Plenty to do all day – and night

Gran Canaria is not just about sports and outdoor life. For example, how about pampering yourself in the luxury of one of the island’s many spas? Or you can enjoy some good food at any of the countless restaurants offering Spanish and international dishes. If you live for the night, you have plenty to keep you happy as well, from casinos, to night clubs, to cabaret shows, not to mention the ample choice of performances by both local and international artists at the island’s many theatres.

Rich culture and deep traditions from the past

No words could ever do justice to Gran Canaria’s rich culture and traditions. The colorful, lively village feasts and carnivals, steeped in tradition, simply have to be experienced. The same goes for the delicious local cuisine, as well as the typical cheeses and wines sold in the village markets.

The quiet interior of the island contrasts sharply with the lively cosmopolitan capital of Las Palmas and with the touristic parts of the coast. Many of the island’s villagers continue to live the traditional way of life, farming the land just like their ancestors have done for centuries. The sense of absolute tranquility you get when you visit any of Gran Canaria’s little villages is a welcome feeling that never fails to soothe the mind.

Buy your dream home in Gran Canaria

With so much on offer, it’s no wonder that many of Gran Canaria’s visitors begin to enquire about property for sale even before their first trip to the island is over.

If you are looking to move to Gran Canaria and start enjoying the good life, you will find the friendly and personal service of TeamCanaria invaluable as you look for a house to call your second home. Another popular option is to invest in a holiday home on the island, possibly renting it out during part of the year so that it helps pay for itself.

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