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Refurbishment on Gran Canaria

Renovation in 5 steps

You have seen a property of your choice, found on websites on Gran Canaria, or have you already bought a house and you just want the right guidance during the renovation. Then we proceed as follows:

The survey interview

  • During this interview we will discuss the house that you have already purchased or where you interests lie. Together we will look at the property location and we listen carefully to all your wishes. Furthermore, we discuss the budget you have available for this renovation. When you have not already bought a house and the authentic Spanish house that you are looking for is not on the market, then we will help you find it.

The proposal

  • In the meantime, the architect and an agent from TeamCanaria will visit your home for an initial examination. This examination will determine the possibilities of the renovation work. With this plan we will go to the architect. Taking into account your budget and requirements, we present a proposal. If you agree, we will start with the working progress.

The preparation

  • The architect makes the necessary drawings, handles the permits and together with the contractor, in consultation with you, they will make a work schedule. When relevant, select the determining fixtures and tiling etc.

The renovation

  • The architect does all the management and will keep you informed of the progress. Meanwhile you will receive digital photos. TeamCanaria agents checks in frequently for a consultation. The architect indicates which parts and payments to the contractor must be done. This way, you have no financial risk.

The transfer

  • You, the architect and TeamCanaria monitor and examine the renovation together when finished. Because of the mid controls that we have already done frequently, the transfer in general will take place immediately and the champagne bottle can be popped!

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